10 de out de 2010

And tonight....

I'm all alone in my room,
Thinking of you at a rate that is truly alarming
I keep looping my memories of you in my head
Do you remember
The way we used to melt
But now it is so easy to see
Dysfunction between you and me
Cause things ain't how they used to be
The distance between us makes it so hard to stay
With every worthless word we get more far away
Cause saying I love you
Has nothing to do with meaning it
Hypnotized by the words you say
Not true but I believe them anyway
But I'm happy you're changing your speed
Slow down and lay with me
But every time you're here
Your intentions are unclear
'And I'll see you when I get back
Maybe we can get ourselves back on the right track'
And the worst thing is that I don't even really care
I used to think you were the one
Now I'm sick of thinking anything at all
Cause think about you but it's not the same
Let go see how far I get without you
I wake up wishing one more time to face him
And I fall asleep and dream of alternate realities

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