29 de jan de 2011

tonight smells like night.

friday night. ladies on the corners. rich people with glasses of beer. loud songs deep on your ears. couples who never smiles. wondering, tripping. the way they look to each other. fading, kissing. empty hearts, as empty souls. skinny cool girls. things to enjoy. nothing left to lose.vulgar lyrics. naive girls. little kids. asleep. lights fading out. don't care, don't bother. people laughing. cell phones. ringing. than turned off. wispering, cheating, hiding. burried glasses. moaning. hands all over. passioned. fallin. in love. than apart. getting it right. doing it wrong. hot nights. cold wind right at your face. smoking cigarretes. drinking vodka. close your eyes. sigh. silence of the town. noise of the people. crying, celebrating. me. you. never us. all of that its just never enough.

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