6 de jan de 2011

whats wrong about summer?

I'm not sure why, but i feel like i'm the only one who fancies summer. I like cloudy and rainy times too, but just when I'm having classes, cuz then I go to school on my sweatshirt and the morning passes by while I'm asleep, just like a little bear. Im not sure who gets lasier, the teachers or the students. But c'mon, this weather on my summer vacation? You've got to be kidding me. I mean, its called SUMMER vacation for a reason, right? To just enjoy and not worry about anything. Its when your brain gets overheated and makes you do crazy stuff that you normally wouldnt. Makes you go out on early morning and never want to go back home. Makes you feel more free than never before. Its time to wear almost no clothes and go to that ice cream shop and eat açaí untill you think 'to the hell those calories'. Actually is proved that people have more sex in summer than in any other time of the year. Also is time to pretend that you have falled in love. You'll actually think you did, till the summer is over and you go back to yourself (i'm telling you, its all because of the heat).
And for me, summer and boys have something in common : they can prove you that things are never hot enough.

'Summer boy, lets get lost you can take me home, somewhere we can be alone
dont be sad when the sun goes down, you wake up and I'm not around,
I've go to go... but we still have the summer after all'

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