25 de jun de 2011

From the box to the candle.

*lights up the candle* *sight*
Hahaha, friendship is something really funny you know? Especially when it goes through all these years.
Well, I don't think friendship is something that easy to fall apart anyway, at least in our case, has been proved that it is stronger. Stronger than jealous, than gossip, and even pride (the last one especially, it means a lot hahaha). Real friendship is like when you never get tired of listening to your friend's pointless dramas (I have done it like no one else had!), its about to take risks together and for each other, its about sharing popcorn and play games on cloudy rainy days.
Its like there has been so so much happening between us... so even though we are so different from each other, even if we get old and go to saparate ways, we will always have A LOT in common, like those things that we will tell to our sons, and then to our grandkids, some nice-cool-funny-growing-up experiences, some songs, some expressions, some games, something that no one else would remeber or laugh at, or understand these feelings as we do. The biggest thing is there we will always know our thoughts just by a look, no matter what, because we have raised each other. I feel like there are some kinda of empty spots, and some blurs too, but all kinds of special relationships have them. Call my name and I'll be there for you.
Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.
I wish your life to be everything that you dream it to be, because girl, you don't deserve less than that.
*smile* blows out the candle*
As you can see, I made it in english so it could sound not that cocky hahaha. 

2 comentários:

Larissa disse...

OMFG Tainá really have feellings! I love you my bestfriend! Forever and ever.

Larissa disse...

aushuashuash e a gente ainda vai toma muitos porres juntas e ter muito mais histórias pra contar pros nossos filhos! A nossa amizade é daquelas que nem o tempo é capaz de apaga-la. E vai ser sempre assim...